Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

IKEA and Sonos Might Be Launching Wall Art That Also Doubles as Speakers

In recent years, the aesthetics of audio systems have become more discreet, and they no longer stick out like a sore thumb in your living room. A new product, however, hopes to make these same systems even more subtle by turning them invisible.
IKEA and Sonos have recently teased a continuation of their collaboration that promises to create a speaker that can camouflage itself as a work of art. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but the item could possibly be a print or painting with a hidden speaker, or a speaker that can be attached to the frame of an already existing work of art.
It’s an exciting development not only for audiophiles and art lovers, but also for neat freaks. Imagine being able to hide the visual clutter of bulky audio systems, and having instead a decorative piece that will impress (and initially, baffle) your guests.
Another product that IKEA and Sonos is rumored to have in the works is a revamped version of the Symfonisk table lamp, an elegant speaker that’s also a light source. The new version will reportedly cost the same as the original $179 model. 
The two companies haven’t revealed when both products will be available in stores, but reports suggest that release could be within the next few months. In an interview with Pocket-lint, a Sonos spokesperson could only say: “We look forward to sharing more when the time is right.”