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Standard Window Width And Price For Each Window Type

Every modern-day house will have at least one window. If you’re building a new house, you probably need to know what sizes of windows are available to you so you can lay out your floor plans. Window and door placement is important. 

If you get this wrong, your entire house will be thrown off-kilter. So, finding out the size of windows that you want and where you want them is one of the first things that you will do when planning a house.

What Is A Standard Window Width?
Image from Wood Windows, Inc.
The most common sizes for windows are 36, 48, 60, 72, and 84 inches wide. This is just in general for any type of window. The most common is probably 36-inches as these are what is put in most houses for show.

The height ranges as well and can be anywhere from 36 to 60 inches. You may wonder why windows often appear wider than they are tall, but this is because windows are usually put together in width but no in height. 

The Half-Inch Rule
If a window says it’s 36-inches wide, you can almost guarantee that it is actually 35 1/2 inches wide. This is because manufacturers know you need to take your window frame into account. This gives you that room. 

From there, you can use a shim to stabilize the window before using caulk or foam to seal it. After that, you put the facing on, and there you have it! For more info on installing windows and doors, check out this guide. 

Types Of Windows
Image from Hill Construction Company
The standard window width and common window sizes depend on the type of window. They all come in different sizes and at different prices. So let’s take a look at the average window width for these windows. 

Single-Hung Window
Price: $170 to $360 per window

Width: 36 to 84 inches 

A single-hung window has a single movable sash, that is raised from the bottom for ventilation. The top remains stationary at all times. This is one of the cheapest kinds of windows you can get and they are also one of the most common.

When “average window size” is thrown around, it is usually referring to this type of window because this is a standard window. 

Double-Hung Window
Price: $450 to $600 per window

Width: 36 to 84 inches 

Double-Hung windows have two operating sashes. This allows for ventilation from the top, bottom or both. Since both the top and bottom open, they offer more ventilation and easier cleaning than single-hung windows. 

This type of window is almost as popular as a single-hung it suffers because it’s twice as expensive.

Awning Window
Price: $420 to $760 per window

Width: 12 to 60 inches

Awning windows are one of the few windows that are wider than they are tall. They are hinged on the top and open outward from the bottom. This allows protection from the rain, which is why they can be opened when it’s raining. 

These are very popular in garages and basements where the top of the basement wall is above ground. 

Bow Window
Image from Pella Doors and Windows of Northern California
Price: $1,400 to $3800 per window

Width: 1 to 6 windows wide

Measuring bow windows is tricky because you don’t know if you should measure the surface length or the window frame length. Bow windows are actually multiple windows put together to create a round area. 

This is different than a bay window which only has three flat surfaces. A bow window is rounded and has a very round base.

Arched Window
Price: $325 to $500 per window

Width: 24 to 192 inches. 

An arched window is primarily used for aesthetics rather than practical reasons. They usually make or break a design style, being found in both Victorian homes and Mexican homes. They can be found in almost any size.

Arched windows don’t necessarily have to be round on top but they do need to have a round aspect, even if it’s just a metal bar.

Casement Window
Price: $270 to $750 per window

Width: 12 to 36 inches per window

Casement windows are probably the oldest movable or adjustable windows. The hinges move on the upright side of the vertical sash. They open like French doors, making them look much nicer than standard windows.

Casement windows are still quite popular despite their age. They can be sealed properly and offer a high-end look for an affordable price.

Egress Window

Price: $1,000 to $5,000 per window

Width: At least 20-inches wide

You may wonder why these windows are so expensive but have you ever tried putting a window underground? These windows are placed below ground level with access to the outdoors via a small space. 

The reason the windows need to be a certain size is so that the residents can fit through the window in case of an emergency. 

Glass Block Window
Price: $365 to $785 per window

Width: 4 to 8 inches per block

Because glass block windows come in panels, you can customize them to any size you want. They come in blocks that are 4 to 8 inches wide and tall, so use this to decide how many blocks you want.

Most glass block windows have at least six panels but if you want a really small window, you can opt for four. 

Garden Window
Price: $1,000 to $4,000 per window

Width: 36 to 72 inches

Garden windows look like buffet windows that you set plants on to absorb sunlight. This is great for a kitchen where you also grow herbs or veggies. They have three sides instead of one like a dormer.

Most garden windows are quite small and can sit over a sink without much of an overhang. But there are exceptions, there just needs to be extra support for those larger windows. 

Jalousie Window
Image from TDS Custom Construction
Price: $175 to $375 per window

Width: 12 to 36 inches

Jalousie windows are very uncommon for multiple reasons. They are made up of multiple glass slats that open and close like blinds. They aren’t the most secure windows and they don’t offer much protection from the elements. 

In general, it isn’t recommended to get jalousie windows unless they are “faux” windows with real windows to back them up.

Transom Window
Price: $200 to $575 per window

Width: copies window size

A transom is a horizontal beam that divides a window’s upper part into additional lights. They are placed above head height so as not to obscure the view. They are also paired with a vertical element called a mullion. 

The mullion can be standalone and so can the transom, but they were designed to work together.

Hopper Window
Price: $265 to $720 per window

Width: 14 to 50 inches

A hopper window is simply an awning window that opens from the bottom instead of the top. They make it easy for smoke to escape and are great for letting sunshine and fresh air inside. They look just like an awning window when closed. 

Like awning windows, they are generally smaller than other windows because they are primarily for ventilation rather than looks or letting light in.

Clerestory Window
Design from Root Architecture
Price: $1,400 to $2,500

Width: Any

We have a huge guide on clerestory windows to help you learn what they are, how much your project may cost, and the different types of clerestory windows. Check it out to find out of clerestory windows are for you.

In short, clerestory windows are windows that are at least in part higher than the lower part of the roof.

Picture Window
Price: $245 to $850 per window

Width: 28 to 52 inches

This isn’t a window with a picture like stained glass, but rather a window framed by other windows. The framed window is very large and usually doesn’t have any panes, giving you the best view possible. 

You may hear large paneless windows referred to as picture windows and this is fine. Not all pictures need a frame, after all.

Circle Window
Price: $250 to $750 per window

Width: 24 to 36 inches

Is a circle window taller than it is wide or wider than it is tall? trick question! A circle window is the same size no matter where you measure its diameter. They are usually medium-sized and often called portholes. 

Porthole windows can be found in larger sizes, but are usually in upper levels, like attics, or bathrooms. So there isn’t a need for them to be large.

Skylight Window
Image from knickerbockergroup

Price: $900 to $2,130 per window

Width: 20 to 60 inches

Skylight windows are windows installed in the ceiling to give the most natural light possible all day long. They can be therapeutic and light up an entire room without the need for artificial lighting as long as there is daylight. 

Custom Windows
Keep in mind that although you can buy a standard window, you can also get a custom size window as well. Custom windows are more expensive than other windows you buy off the rack, but sometimes that’s what you need. 

For example, you will have to plan out a bow window if you want it to fit your space correctly. You need to custom build the curve and frame. The windows you choose matter, which is why some people mix and match.

But in general, it is better to have windows that are all the same size unless you like the eclectic look. No matter what though, it’s important to budget in at least $5000 for a three-bedroom house. The range is between $3000 and $10,000.

Yes, windows are expensive but they are often the first thing people notice about your house. They are also used more than almost anything else. How boring would life be without windows? If your house is your soul, the windows are its eyes. 

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